Silver is timeless, a classic and sophisticated metal. Suitable for daily wear and formal enough for any occasion, what is it about sterling silver that is so suitable for jewelers, designers, and customers? Let's have a look at what makes this metal so special.

Silver is a valuable precious metal and has been part of civilization since it was discovered. Though it was displayed among the wealthy as a status symbol, it was a very soft metal and therefore incredibly difficult for metalsmiths to use. For it to be used for items that would see real-world use, there needed to be some changes made to help silver perform better under these conditions.

A Silver Solution

By mixing silver with other metals, the alloy of sterling silver came to be. It was the solution to the soft, non-durable nature of silver, and it didn't take away its beauty or luster. This helped silver become widespread starting in the 11th century and becoming more prominent in all sorts of containers and facets since then. Jewelry was one of the products that saw the greatest benefit from this alchemy, gorgeous art could now be worn for generations upon fingers and necks without diminishing in beauty.

With this alloy, designers now have an incredibly affordable canvas for their designs. Modern jewelers are able to experiment and create intricate and gorgeous pieces that are truly unique.

For the customer

Now the customer is ultimately the one who benefits most. Silver provides a light and durable medium for:

  • Rings:
  • Earrings
  • Bracelets: The affordability of sterling silver allows for wide bracelets, bangles, or intricate works, all in an incredibly durable package
  • Necklaces: Durable, scratch and dent resistant, but light enough to wear all day, even if it's a substantial

More reasons to choose sterling silver are that it is hypoallergenic, with most sterling silver being 92.5% pure this leaves very little surface area for any alloyed metals to cause issues. The strength given from the alloying process gives incredible durability to a piece of jewelry that would be shockingly more expensive, and more prone to wear and damage if it were made from gold. The affordability of the metal allows for greater creativity for the artist making your next piece, allowing classic designs with a modern flair to be within the reach of every admirer. A collection of fine silver rings is affordable enough to give the wearer choice for any occasion.

And, it bears mentioning again, silver is classic. It works for formal occasions as much as it does for daily wear. If you are considering silver jewelry for your next ring, necklace, earring, or bracelet, you're on the right track. Contact us to get started on your piece, and who knows, it might end up being your next family heirloom!

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