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About Tungsten Carbide Rings

Tungsten carbide rings are some of the most popular rings in Greater Victoria, especially for men’s wedding bands. 

At Shimmer Jewellery, we have a wide variety of tungsten carbide rings for you to choose from, among other types of rings, necklaces, and bracelets. 

Tungsten Carbide Ring Pros 

Tungsten Carbide Rings are made of some of the most durable, scratch-resistant metals which make them great for everyday use; they also offer a unique, stylish look. Tungsten carbide is also affordable and has a hefty weight to them. 

Tungsten comes from a Swedish term meaning "heavy stone."  The metal, also known as wolfram, is a semi-rare element that has incredible properties, including having the highest melting point and is one of the strongest metals. This strength makes them almost indestructible. 

This durability makes Tungsten Carbide rings long-lasting. They do not wear and tear like other types of metal. Another added bonus is that it is hypoallergenic so people who are allergic to gold and other types of metal can wear tungsten rings without any irritation. 

Since tungsten is too challenging to work in its pure form, tungsten wedding bands are made of a tungsten carbide compound. Tungsten carbide is equally tungsten and carbon atoms. Next, the resulting fine powder is combined with nickel or cobalt binder. The compound is then ready to be shaped into a ring. Because of its durability and strength, Tungsten Carbide is also used for the manufacturing of products like blades and other cutting tools. 

Lastly, tungsten carbide rings come in several different colours depending on your style and taste including black, white, and even gold colours. 

Tungsten Carbide Ring Cons

As mentioned, tungsten carbide rings are scratch-resistant but they are not indestructible as some people think. The rings will break if enough pressure is applied to them. This sense of indestructibility can cause people to be careless with their rings and not take as good of care as they might with a gold ring. So to keep it looking new, make sure to still take care of it.

There are many reasons you may want to resize a ring and unfortunately, due to the hardness of tungsten carbide rings, they cannot be altered.  

In addition, tungsten carbide rings cannot be easily sold. Gold is traded on the world’s commodities markets and therefore there is always someone willing to buy it. There is no such market for Tungsten carbide and so if you want to sell it, some jewellers or pawn shops might not take it which lowers the value. But if this amazing look is what you want, you’ll never want to part with it anyway.

Come browse online or in the store to find the right type of jewelry for your needs. As Victoria’s foremost jewelry experts, we can help you find the right tungsten carbide ring for you. 

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