Custom jewellery is sometimes designed and created starting from just a desire for a new piece (such as an engagement ring or family ring), or, quite often, is created to change or replace an existing piece of jewellery. Diamonds and gemstones are frequently reset into new, more up-to-date, settings. In some cases, the actual gold from the old item is also recycled into the new one.

Photos of past custom creations are kept and used to spark an idea and to show a range of possibilities for a new design. Some people bring in their own drawn designs to have made for them. The process, after discussion, begins with the creation of a wax model of the new design. Sometimes the actual stones to be used are preset into the wax for the benefit of the customer being able to try on the item and get an idea of what the finished product will be like when worn. At this point, changes can be made to the model if requested by the customer. Seeing the jewellery in various stages of production is not only interesting, but helpful in ending up with just the right piece.

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