"Diamonds are forever....until you loose them ! "

Onsite repairs are a specialty at Shimmer Jewellery. Owner Ed Pickard is a trained goldsmith with over 40 years experience. When a customer brings in a piece of jewellery for inspection, they can be assured that a qualified person will be checking to see what, if anything, needs to be done to it to make sure it is in good condition. Quite often an item is cleaned and inspected while waiting, without charge, with the assurance that it is in safe condition to continue to wear.

Many stories have been passed on to us about customers being told they need a lot of expensive work done on their jewellery when it is not necessarily the case. Part of the problem exists when an unqualified, usually sales-oriented, counter person tries to evaluate the condition of an item. They can easily over-quote the work needed just to be safe, or perhaps even to boost their employer's repair sales. An unsuspecting customer may authorize expensive repair work out of unrealistic fears of loosing stones from their piece. In other cases, the item is taken in by the store and sent to their repair person, often a third party in a different location (even different city), so that the customer is without their jewellery and unable to immediately obtain competing quotes. In Victoria, jewellery repairs are sometimes unnecessarily mailed to Vancouver for estimates and repair work. All of this adds expense to the jeweller, which must then be passed on to the customer.

It is recommended, especially with stone-set rings worn every day, that they be cleaned and inspected on a regular basis. The frequency of inspection will depend on how hard a person is on their jewellery. Some people can wear a ring for 10 years with no problem, others only 6 months. Stones sometimes have a tendency to loosen in the settings and can usually be tightened up with little effort and expense. Once they fall out, the price of repair or replacement goes up. The claws that hold the stones in will wear with time and that weakens them. It can then take only a thread catching on a weak claw to break it off and leave a gap for the stone to exit.

In short, regular cleaning and inspecting jewellery will not only help to avoid unnecessary loss, but also keep the item clean and shiny, preserving it's original beauty.

Shimmer specializes in ring repairs (including retipping of worn claws) and resizing, chain repairs, restringing of necklaces, replacement of catches,etc. All repairs available both in gold and silver.

When in doubt - make it Shimmer!
Retip LF Image
Retip RT Image

The above left photo shows an example of a ring on which the claws holding the diamond in place were worn very thin after a few years of regular wear. On the right is the same ring after retipping, in which a layer of white gold is soldered to the tops of the existing claws. It is evident that this setting is now like new and the diamond once again secure. It is much less expensive to secure an existing diamond than to replace it after it is lost.