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Amber is fossil resin. Baltic amber owes it's exceptional charm to it's fascinating history spanning the period from the times when it was sticky resin dripping in Tertiary forests at least 40 million years ago to the point when it was found as a small solid piece on the Baltic beach. The most extensive deposits of Baltic amber in Eoconium blue mud occur in the Sambian Peninsula and by the Bay of Gdansk.

Shimmer Jewellery carries a large selection (approximately 150 pieces) of the very popular Baltic Amber Jewellery. While most of the Polish-made amber items are set in sterling silver, a line of 14K gold with amber is also available, as well as amber and turquoise combined. Rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, brooches, and earrings starting at under $30.00 are hot-selling items. Amber jewellery is more often worn with casual clothes, while it's more luxurious and extravagant versions are used as ornaments for special occasions.

There is a large selection of various animals, birds, insects, etc. in sterling silver that shows off the many colors of amber in a fun way. As they are relatively inexpensive, some customers check in periodically to see what they can add to their collection of these. There are also 2 catalogs displaying hundreds more amber pieces that can be ordered.

The many varieties of amber include those that are transparent, translucent, and opaque, with a multitude of hues of yellow, red, brown, beige and white, as well as with bluish and greenish tints. Popular colors include cognac, butter-cream, cherry, and green. There are clear pieces and pieces filled with minute particles of vegetable substance that make delicate filigree patterns. There is an amber pendant on display containing a small insect trapped and preserved many centuries ago.

The Baltic amber collection alone is worth a trip to Shimmer Jewellery.


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